Residency Requirements

Establishing Residency
A student must establish residence within the district's boundaries in order to attend without a tuition charge, except as otherwise provided in state law. For the purposes of this policy, a resident student is defined as follows:

  • A child whose parents live within the district
  • A child legally adopted by a resident
  • A child living in the district who has lost both parents by death
  • A child whose parents are porced and the parent having custody of the child is a resident
  • A child whose parents are not financially able to contribute to his or her support but who have a temporary or permanent home in the district
    • A notarized affidavit of support will be required
  • A child whose custody has been awarded by a court of competent jurisdiction to a resident adult

Please note that children of a non-resident living with relatives in the district who do not support them are not entitled to free tuition. A student whose family moves out of the district during the school year will be permitted to attend school for the remainder of the year without payment of tuition.

For more information on residency requirements, contact the superintendent's office at (309) 359-8965.

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