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Recently Dee-Mack hosted a session for all community members called Dee-Mack COPE Project's Substance Abuse Panel.  There are issues that plague our community, but together we can tackle them, especially substance abuse.  It is our sincere hope that we can continue to grow this initiative in order to better serve our community with information and resources necessary to successfully navigate these struggles. A huge thank you to Ashley Curtain for coordinating this event! Please peruse the links below to find assistance, guidance and help.   Included below are helpful links to information on the agencies and organizations that made our event possible.   Sharon Harkless & Cody's Crusaders - Peoria  Julie Eaton & True North Solutions - UnityPlace Officier Reese & Mackinaw Police Dept.  Illinois Addition & Recovery Clinic & UnityPoint Behavioral Health Tazewell Teen Initiative 
Posted by Guest  On Nov 15, 2019 at 9:42 AM
Site Based Expenditure Reporting.pdf Site Based Reporting is a new component of the School Report Card using FY 19 data. Things to keep in mind as you are perusing the School Report Card when it comes out on October 30th: There are many district based items that are separated out from the site based items documented To calculate the per pupil expenditures- the total dollars spent for both the district and site are added together then divide by the number of students  This spending requirement is part of the ESSA Every Student Succeeds Act and is a federal mandate. The reporting system separates out local dollars versus Federal and State funds There are also various exclusions that were allowed in this reporting system Please refer to the pdf put out by ISBE that explains it in more detail- since its the first year ISBE is using this  measure there are bound to be reasons why comparing schools will not be apples to apples in year one.
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Hello Dee-Mack, If you don't have a student at the Primary or Junior High you do not get a chance to see the news regarding all the cool stuff happening there.  So I thought each month I would add their newsletter to my post so that you can see all the cool pictures and events going on. Michele
Posted by Guest  On Oct 04, 2019 at 3:27 PM
The annual financial report, AFR, will be posted on the website after it is presented at the monthly board meeting.  The AFR is an audit conducted by Phillips, Salmi and Associates accounting firm each year and serves as the financial picture of what took place in the district financially throughout the last fiscal year -FY 19.  The auditing firm looks carefully through all of our financial records and makes sure we are on target and spending monies appropriately.  They also look at investments, bonds, and our accounting structures in place.  The audit gives our district a score which can be anything from Recognition to Warning.  This year we received Recognition status which is the second year in a row we have had this status.    
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The budget for FY 20 is posted on the financial page under the Superintendent page on our website.  Each year the budget is created and on display for 30 days before the actual adoption at the September board meeting.  Our board meeting this year is on September 19th at 7:00pm in the district office. At this time the board votes to adopt the budget for fiscal year 2020.  In May of each year we amend the budget to make sure we have covered any unexpected costs that arise during the school year.  We have always amended the budget here at Dee-Mack in order to be more transparent with the actual dollars in each fund account.  If you ever have any questions regarding the budget or any school related event please do not hesitate to call @ 359-8965 Thank you, Michele Jacobs
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Greetings Dee-Mack, Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year, we have now been in session for two and half weeks.  Students are getting settled into classes and teachers are digging into their curriculum. I want to write a post each month detailing things happening throughout the district as well as decisions made to keep all of you up to date.  I also want to share pictures of events that take place at the start of the year as well as highlighting some changes we have had in the district. Changes within the district: Skyward - We have moved our financial and student management systems to a program called Skyward Q.  We want to thank you all for being patient as we move over to this new program as it has had its challenges within the implementation phase. We tried to get information out to everyone as quickly as possible for registration but know it was difficult for some to get it completed.  Thank you for the emails so we could assist in this transaction.   Copiers and Printers- We have changed companies for which we lease our copiers and printers.  This change will save the district >$2000 a month.   Life Skills Kitchen- We have upgraded some of the cabinets in the life skills kitchen which is also used for a concession stand for home in door events.  This was very much needed as the bottom of the cupboards were in need of much repair. Scoreboards- We have added two new scoreboards in the gymnasium and funds used to pay for this project were either donated or fund raised. Buses- We have traded in two buses and purchased a new activity bus which was very much needed. Our fleet of buses are aging, but we do a very good job of maintaining the buses we own.  I'm giving a "shout out" to all of our drivers and Darren Adams who takes very good care of our buses so they will last. Our drivers are very cautious with our precious cargo, and they are very caring individuals. Routes- We updated our Transfinder software that maps our routes and in doing so we were able to absorb a route.  This allows us to reconfigure routes and be more efficient in the process. It takes at least a week to run a route to get the times established so I appreciate all the families who were understanding with the new route/driver changes. New Faces: Please help me welcome these educators to the Dee-Mack Family: . Bethany Scroggs- Primary Life Skills; Kate Wettstein- PK Teacher; Lisa Smith- PK Para; Josie Weiler- JH ELA Teacher; Tony Jackson- HS PE Teacher; Brian Hambleton- HS PE/Health; Rob Hinrichson- HVAC and Facilities; Lisa Knight: IS Special Ed Teacher; Rachel Glassey- IS 1-1 Para. New Places: Kendra Morgan is the new PE teacher at the Intermediate School and Fallon Wall is teaching 5th grade this year at the Intermediate School. We started our year with a special guest speaker Mrs. Heidy LaFleur who spoke to us about ways to help hard to manage, disruptive and uninterested students all through the trauma sensitive lens. She shared her very personal story with us and was very informational. We are very excited to start the year with many events going on - there was a great turn out at the ice cream social hosted by the PTO at the Primary and Junior High School; High School students started the year with a fun day and the theme for the year of "kindness"; The Intermediate School learned about standards based grading through a presentation from Theresa Holly at the back to school night. We look forward to a very exciting year! Michele Jacobs Superintendent
Posted by Guest  On Aug 29, 2019 at 4:38 PM
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